The bracco italiano is the Italian pointer, and one of only two native Italian gundog breeds, both of which are known as Hunt, Point and Retrieve dogs, familiarly known as HPR. The other such breed is the Italian Spinone and both are held in high esteem in their country of origin.

The Bracco is an elegant and athletic dog, a classic and ancient pointer whose origins, can be traced back to the forth and fifth centuries BC. There are many theories about the breed’s origin but it is said to have developed from the Molossus and the Egyptian Hound.

I have had bracco’s for 10 years and sadly lost my lovely Tessa (Indijazz Talk of the Rings) at the end of last year, such a beautiful girl and so full of character. As well as being wonder house pets they have wonderful temperaments and are very loyal to their families.

I have imported two bracco’s from Italy one from Franco Dei Sanchi (Prizilla Dei Sanchi) and the other from Emanuele Palagiano (Hera) - both are orange and white. Both will be shown and worked.


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